Small spaces make big artists

IndieSpace works to build sustainable and affordable space for independent theater in New York City through a variety of approaches focused on permanent, stable, and long-term real estate solutions. Nimble enough to work with companies as challenges arise, IndieSpace currently offers the following programs:

1. Purchase and Creation of a New, Affordable Performance Space: In the next year, IndieSpace will identify and create a new performance space specifically for the independent theater community. While the exact programming will be determined once the space is secured (clarifying size of space, costs, and more), IndieSpace has identified three key programs for any space:

  • Operating Theater Program: For each indie space we will identify an existing neighborhood theater company for its operations. These operating theaters will receive a long term lease and will pay a subsidized, manageable rent for the space while leading its programming. IndieSpace will also provide leadership and partners to support the operating theater's financial and creative sustainability.
  • Subsidized Rentals: All rentals of the space will be subsidized or free. IndieSpace is creating a model built upon strong real estate principles, ensuring that IndieSpace is not subject to changing economic conditions that would threaten the artist and its organization.     
  • Community Space: Each IndieSpace theater must have opportunities to connect directly to the community. Our theaters will not only support artists and their work, but will help to make their community strong through increased quality of life, activation of underutilized spaces, vibrant alternatives to typical retail streetscape and a deeper engagement between artists and community members.

2. Advising and Mediation: IndieSpace currently works with theaters who are facing challenges maintaining their leases, or are in jeopardy of losing their space. In the future, we plan to offer these advisory services more broadly, working with theater companies with their own space as well as companies that do not yet have space. These services are provided by IndieSpace free of charge to nonprofit independent theaters. By creating a deeper understanding of how theater and real estate can work together towards the same goals, IndieSpace brings real estate owners, developers and artists together.