Permanent SPACE for indie artists

IndieSpace creates permanent real estate solutions for the independent theater community. By delivering affordable creative space for a diversity of performing artists along with supportive programming, IndieSpace will help preserve and enhance a vital piece of the cultural lives of New Yorkers. 

history and vision

In the last decade alone, over 70 performance venues in New York City have closed permanently or have been repurposed. At this moment, at least 10 more spaces are vulnerable to the extreme pressures of the real estate market. Companies that are financially stable enough to find a home in NYC can only rent the available spaces that remain, because property values are too high for them to consider a purchase. As renters, these venue operators are even more vulnerable as they are forced to compete with rents that a restaurant, bar, or other high-end retail tenant could pay. Nonprofit companies are forced to use far too high a percentage of their operating funds on space, risking financial health, artistic excellence, and audience loyalty. Stability, for many, has become impossible.

IndieSpace wants to change that with a multi-pronged approach to secure permanent real estate for the indie theater community. Through a variety of innovative solutions, IndieSpace will help to keep venues open that are already established; purchase new space for the use of the indie community that will be stable and available despite market turns; and work with developers and owners to carve out new space in a variety of projects.  IndieSpace will provide real estate knowledge, expertise and resources typically unavailable to indie theater companies and venues, building connections between artists and the real estate community through collaboration.